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Aisle Floral Fantasy: What Every 2024 Bride Should Know About The Blooming Aisle Trend


December 3, 2023

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Dear Brides-to-Be,

As you embark on the exciting journey of planning your 2024 wedding, let’s talk about one of the hottest floral trends that’s making ceremonies truly breathtaking – those lush florals lining both sides of the aisle. An enchanting row of blooms seemingly growing straight from the ground – what Bride wouldn’t want that for their aisle walk moment? What’s even better? This design is versatile in that can be done in virtually any floral style, from whimsical meadow vibes to rose-filled, formal garden opulence.

I wouldn’t call this a new trend, but it’s one that only becomes increasingly popular year after year. The first time I was asked to create this type of aisle design was back in 2018. Back then, it was a rare request for the client wanting to make that extra special splurge. Fast forward to today, nearly every single client that reaches out to me requests this look (or some variation of it.) So I thought it was about dang time that I spill the floral tea and guide you through everything you need to know about bringing this trend to life on your special day.

1) Counting Petals, Counting Bills: The Price of Dreamy Blooms

Dreamy as it may be, the reality is that this trend comes with a price tag as impressive as the display itself. The average cost for creating a jaw-dropping aisle floral masterpiece ranges from $4000 to $10,000 and beyond. Factors influencing the budget include the width and density of blooms, the chosen style, the types of flowers used, and the length of the aisle.

Why the hefty cost? It’s all about the sheer quantity of blooms and the labor-intensive construction. Picture over 40 individual hand-crafted arrangements lined up to form a stunning row. Plus, don’t forget the logistical challenge – these florals require a delivery truck size to transport and store. In essence, this is a luxurious choice that ensures a show-stopping, WOW moment at your wedding. So, while it might stretch your budget, the visual impact can be worth every penny.

If your next question is, “Sarah, is it worth the splurge? Be honest.”

My response is to ask yourself, when you imagine your wedding day, what takes center stage in your mind? Is it the dream of strolling down an aisle adorned with a burst of vibrant florals? Do you prioritize leaving a lasting impression on your guests and capturing breathtaking photos? Undoubtedly, an aisle adorned with such lush blooms unquestionably gives main character energy. Whether this steals the show in a positive or negative light depends on the bride—what does your gut tell you?

2) Eco-Chic: The Environmental Equation

While a lush floral aisle is more talked about in the wedding industry than Taylor Swift joining the Kansas City Chiefs, it would be unrealistic to sidestep the environmental conversation around this star floral trend. Not everyone thinks about how these floral sausages get made, but knowing all the info could play a factor for those green goddess brides out there. So let’s get to the root of it, shall we?

Given the volume of materials required, the harsh reality is most florists will likely use floral foam and plastic containers for creating these lovely aisle moments, as this is the most economical and time-efficient method. Beautiful on the outside, yes, but with a substantial environmental impact. It all comes back to the vast size and quantity of flowers and materials used in substantial designs like this one. Heaps of flowers = heaps of trash.

However, for those earth-conscious brides, fear not. More sustainable options are available, such as metal containers instead of plastic. Be prepared, though – choosing eco-friendly practices may come with additional costs and require more time, technique, and added logistics from your florist. Ask your florist if they compost discarded greenery. Communicate your preferences, and expect to possibly invest a bit more to align your dream aisle with your environmental values.

3) Versatility Win: The Floral Flex Continues

Here’s the good news! Although the cost is steep, the beauty of these lush aisle florals extends beyond the ceremony. The individual sections, typically 1-2 feet each, can be repurposed together or individually, creating all kinds of fun options for at your reception. They look beautiful adorning the front of a band stage or edge of the dance floor, framing a dessert table, creating your own personal garden oasis surrounding your sweetheart table, or encircling the cake table. This versatility not only adds value to your investment but also allows you to continue basking in the beauty of these blooms throughout your celebration. A no-brainer that you ask your florist about repurposing possiblities.

4) More Hot Takes

We’ve covered the main points, but I said I was spilling all the tea, and there are a few more things I’d like you to know from a pro-florist perspective, so you can really go into this decision fully armed with all the info. Here are a few random things you may not have thought of…

First, does your venue layout support the repurposing of these florals? Your florist should undoubtedly carry the burden of figuring out logistics like what pathway they can use to transfer these pieces from your ceremony to reception without being spotted by guests, to maintain that elegant illusion, but it might be smart to bring up the question just to avoid any awkward collisions or unsightly transfers of florals during your cocktail hour.

Secondly, know that these florals will turn your aisle into a bridal-party-only traffic zone, meaning guests will not be able to access their seats from the inner aisle. Another one of the costs of beauty. They will need to go around the outside to enter and exit their seats. Another detail that your wedding planner should have under control, but worth mentioning.

On that note, here’s a handy hack that could mean a less-confusing traffic situation and more dollars in your pocket: Use half as many arrangements. Skipping a row or two between each aisle flourish leaves space for guests to enter and exit as they please, and it still looks just as jaw-drapping. Having designed plenty of these aisles, I’ve come to notice that an aisle with 20 arrangements and an aisle with 40 arrangements photograph the exact same. The perspective is distorted when you stand at the top of the aisle looking down, and you don’t notice the gaps hardly at all from that point of view. The arrangements all squish together into one continuous piece – a trick on the eyes! Did this tip just save you a couple thousand dollars? You’re welcome!

Lastly, you might be thinking about the afterlife of these lovely blooms. What happens to them after their debut? The truth? More often than not, a big blue dumpster awaits. Thinking about repurposing the flowers afterward to prolong this unfortunate fate? Keep in mind the square footage of these beauties. If you do want to arrange for them to have an encore moment, you’ll need a vehicle large enough and quite a few helping hands. If you add this to your floral team’s duties, expect there to be additional fees.

In Conclusion: Luxurious Trends with Realistic Expectations

As wedding trends veer towards increasing luxury, it’s essential to set the right expectations, especially when it comes to show-stopping florals. Creating the perfect aisle requires a massive production, an absolute labor of love from your florist. Recognize the skill, labor, and abundance of resources that go into crafting this look, and you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the value of such a design. Knowing the costs, logistics, and environmental implications going in will better equip you to make a decision that aligns with your values.

In the end, if you decide to splurge on the incredible floral-lined aisle, rest assured – it will be a spectacle worth every penny and more. Your wedding day is a canvas for your dreams, and with this floral trend, you’re painting a masterpiece.

Here’s to blooming love and unforgettable aisles!

Warmly, Sarah

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