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5 Things I Do During Slow Season


February 1, 2024

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As floral entrepreneurs, the slow season presents a unique opportunity for reflection, strategic planning, and personal growth. In this episode, we delve into five impactful ways to make the most of this downtime, ensuring that you not only recharge your creative batteries but also fortify the foundations of your flourishing floral business.

1. Revisit Your Vision:

During the slow season, take a moment to reconnect with the core vision of your floral business. Reflect on where you stand now and where you envision your business in the future. If you’ve already set big-picture goals, use this time to refine and expand upon them. For instance, consider incorporating new dreams or adjusting existing goals to align better with your evolving vision.

Consider a personal example: When I decided to branch into floral education, I began with building an online course and creating digital products to enhance the educational aspect of my business. As I achieved these goals, new objectives emerged, like starting a podcast to further support my audience journey. It wasn’t until these pieces came to fruition that a full-picture framework began to fall into place, where I then was able to connect the dots, where a fully mapped out customer journey served as the underpin for my complete brand vision. The key is to create a comprehensive vision that encompasses your purpose, offerings, and a roadmap that ties them together into a cohesive customer journey. Sometimes this vision grows and is cultivated over time, so these annual moments for reflection are crucial in ensuring you guide your vision to its full potential.

2. Financial Check-Up:

While diving into detailed bookkeeping might not be everyone’s cup of tea, a macro-level analysis of your business finances during the slow season can be highly insightful. Examine your overall business income and assess whether it aligns with your annual or quarterly goals. If you have multiple income streams, break down the performance of each one, identifying areas of strength and potential improvement.

For instance, if you’re falling short of quarterly targets, consider innovative approaches like flash sales or discounted offerings to boost sales. Conducting a financial check-up allows you to identify areas for improvement, motivating you to devise creative marketing strategies or promotional events to meet your financial goals. For example: running a flash sale, or holding a studio sale.

3. Studio Sale Extravaganza:

Hosting a studio sale is not just about clearing inventory; it’s a strategic move to refresh your workspace and inspire new design perspectives. While it might not be an annual necessity, periodic studio sales can be incredibly effective. Clearing out old inventory not only declutters your space but also provides an opportunity to introduce updated items that align with current trends.

Updating your inventory isn’t just about staying relevant but also signaling to clients that you value creativity, individuality, and the constant evolution of your artistic style. The studio sale becomes a celebration of renewal, injecting a fresh energy into your workspace and designs.

4. Market Research Magic:

Market research during the slow season is akin to mining for gold in preparation for the upcoming event season. Explore the pages of magazines that inspire you and examine the trends they showcase, whether in fashion, decor, or overall vibe. These publications often set the tone for upcoming wedding trends, offering valuable insights into what clients might be seeking in the coming season.

Social media, when navigated with intention, is another goldmine for inspiration. Actively seek out trends, patterns, and names that frequently appear in wedding profiles. Equally important is identifying gaps and areas for improvement. The goal is not to mimic but to use this information to make informed decisions about the weddings and clients you want to pursue.

5. Gardening for Growth:

Embracing gardening during the slow season is not just a leisurely activity; it’s a holistic approach to reconnecting with nature. Gardening teaches patience, nurturance, and the rewards of cultivating something over time. Beyond its meditative qualities, gardening offers unique insights for floral designers.

Understanding how plants interact with their environment, respond to elements, and change over time can inspire a deeper connection with the natural mediums you work with daily. Spending time outdoors becomes a form of market research, as the patterns and interactions in nature often influence and enhance your artistic expression in floral design.

In conclusion, the slow season is a gift of time – an opportunity to delve into the intricate layers of your business, nurture your creativity, and set the stage for future growth. By revisiting your vision, conducting a financial check-up, hosting a studio sale, engaging in market research, and embracing gardening, you transform the slow season into a powerhouse of productivity and inspiration. May this season of reprieve become a catalyst for the flourishing future of your floral business.

Discover more insights and strategies by tuning in to the full episode. Embrace the slow season as a time of growth and creativity, setting the foundation for a thriving future in the floral industry.

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