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I'm a hopeless romantic who finds joy in making things a little bit prettier wherever I go.

About the Designer

Hopeless romantic, peacemaker, go-with-the-flow, forever seeking out the beautiful things in life.

I'm a quiet, introverted middle child turned fired up dream chasing entrepreneur. I have always had a love for beauty and creativity and my life mission has always been to unlock the secret to turning that into a sustainable career. The crazy part? I think I finally figured it out.

I started my floral business in 2013 and I finally felt that I had found my creative calling in flowers. But my business didn't really take off until I learned to embrace these three things - community, sharing openly, and believing in myself.

It was then that my business became more than just flowers. It became about sharing through education, building up other florists and small business owners, and spreading the light that helped me find my own way to a life I never imagined - one that gave me freedom to do what I truly love!

I'm Sarah W.

about the designer

This guy. My husband, Joey. Like his smile? You should hear his singing voice. (Fun fact: we met in a community theater production of Legally Blonde, the Musical!)


My cat, Milo has been around longer than Mulberry & Moss, believe it or not! We share a love for sun bathing, soft blankets, cuddles and chicken nuggets.



Maybe it's my Italian lineage, but i'm always happiest when I'm surrounded by family, eating good food, drinking good wine, and soaking in the moment. Game Night? Backyard s'mores around the fire pit? Basically my heaven.



Starbucks. Online Shopping. Dive bar karaoke. Unlimited reruns of Downton Abbey. And buying everything I don't need from Target.

guilty pleasures


Venice, Florence, Paris, and Salzburg (Sound of Music, anyone?) are just a few of my favorite places that I would visit again in a heartbeat.

place to visit



The grand reveal. Getting to witness the bride and groom seeing their ceremony or reception space for the first time and seeing their vision come to life... Can't beat it!

part of my job


my favorite

stopping to smell the flowers

There is an ease with flowers, which came as a welcome respite to me  amidst the busyness and pressure of life in my early twenties. The designs that captured my soul the most in those first years of discovery were the ones that embraced imperfection and drew on the seasonal changes in flowers and trees that stop us in our tracks on the street. It was their peaceful reassurance that I felt instantly connected to. They were like casual little miracles saying, "You don't have to try so hard. You can just simply be."

Learning to capture that feeling and translate it through my own work, turns out, is a process of freeing oneself, which has become an ever-unfolding journey. But along the path so far, I have stumbled upon some unexpected treasures. I found a source for personal growth and freedom in entrepreneurship, a community of like-minded dream chasers, and a platform to connect with others who share a similar passion, all of which have been reason enough to never look back.

While it's good to have a goal or a dream to reach for, there is something to be said about the little surprises that meet us along the way. You might find sometimes they hold even more value than the thing you're chasing.



Our friends at Westmade Films paid us a visit to capture a quiet moment in our studio. Take a peek inside the little warehouse in Santa Ana where all the magic happens. 

the studio

a peek inside


Our friends at Westmade Films paid us a visit to capture a quiet moment in our studio. Take a peek inside the little warehouse in Santa Ana where all the magic happens. 

the studio

a peek inside

Our friends at Westmade Films paid us a visit to capture a quiet moment in our studio. Take a peek inside the little warehouse in Santa Ana where all the magic happens. 

the studio

a peek inside

My Flower Story

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, which is known for it's lush forests and beautiful natural landscapes. Much of my childhood that I can remember was spent climbing inside of giant rhododendron bushes, weaving clover flowers into halos, and making potions out of water and rose petals.

My Flower Story

By high school my family had moved to Southern California, where I found myself a new passion in Musical Theater. My grandmother would visit to see all of my shows, and she taught me to arrange the bouquets I received for my performances. 

My Flower Story

I remember visiting the local flower shop to pick up my corsage for the senior prom, and standing at the counter for hours watching the girls delicately assemble one corsage after the other, mesmerized.

My Flower Story

In college I decided to take a course in floral design and got a job in a flower shop. I loved making friends with all of the vendors and buying fresh flowers off their trucks each week.

My Flower Story

While I worked in the shop, I dreamed of pursuing a career in wedding design. That dream came true as I worked up the courage to move to LA and freelance for several different event studios both big and small, and eventually, started Mulberry & Moss.

Want to learn more about the art of floral design or how to grow your business? Explore my resources, from floral workshops to digital downloads, or schedule a 1:1 coaching call with me to chat all the things!

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