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Kickstart Your Marketing to Get More Clients


December 7, 2023

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Are you a passionate florist finding your client inquiries a bit too quiet? It’s a familiar struggle—pouring your heart into your craft, launching a business, and then waiting for clients to flood in. In this episode, we’ll dive into the art of attracting your ideal clients, understanding that proactive marketing is the key to business success. Let’s get ready to do the work, embrace some tough love, and elevate your floral business to new heights.

The Journey to Your Ideal Clients:

Launching a business involves countless steps—perfecting products, structuring offerings, designing branding, and more. However, a common pitfall is completing all this work and then waiting for clients to appear. The hard truth? You can’t wait; you have to be proactive in getting your clients.

Marketing is more than designing the perfect product; it’s about getting your name out there, understanding your target market, and speaking directly to them. In this episode, we’ll skip the nitty-gritty and focus on four key marketing takeaways that have made a significant impact on my business specifically, and I believe they can be just as applicable in your creative service-based business, too, whatever it may be.

Practical Steps: Attracting Your Ideal Client

  1. Crafting a Customer-Centric Experience:
    • Before diving into outreach methods, control the customer experience by ensuring your brand speaks visually and linguistically to potential clients.
    • Start by identifying your target customer, envisioning their ideal client avatar, and focusing on style, budget, and values.
    • Conduct a brand audit, evaluating your website, social media, and messaging through the eyes of your ideal client. Adjust your brand imagery, language, voice, and pricing accordingly.

  1. Proactive Connection:
    • Leverage social media, particularly Instagram, for connecting with your audience on a daily or weekly basis. Reels, stories, and engaging posts are essential for visibility.
    • Emphasize the importance of connection, encouraging two-way interactions with your audience. Utilize polls, open-ended questions, and respond to comments to foster engagement.
    • Use social media to build a reputation in your niche, positioning yourself as an expert. Share valuable content, educate your audience, and showcase your expertise.

  1. Community Engagement:
    • Move beyond online connections to real-world networking. While intimidating, in-person interactions can significantly impact relationship-building in your industry.
    • Get involved in your community, sponsor industry events, and find opportunities to showcase your work. Immersing yourself in your community builds powerful connections and increases visibility.

  1. Diversify Your Marketing Approach:
    • Experiment with various digital channels to reach your audience. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Google, Pinterest, blogging, and email marketing offer unique opportunities.
    • Consider your unique skills and preferences when choosing platforms. Diversifying your online presence increases your chances of connecting with a broader audience.


To wrap up, to kickstart your marketing and attract more clients, focus on your customer experience, engage proactively on social media, connect with your community, and diversify your marketing approach. Don’t shy away from putting yourself out there—your business is as unique as you are. Embrace the journey, build authentic connections, and watch your business blossom. Until next time!

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hey there! i'm sarah w.



floral business tools bundle

All of the floral business tools you need to streamline your wedding workflow!


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