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Wedding Floral Trends to Look Out for in 2023


January 24, 2023

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Let’s talk fresh new floral inspiration for 2023 weddings!

Well friends, it’s a new year and that means a whole new batch of wedding trends are on the horizon. Last year we saw a rise in classic romance when it came to wedding design – with fully bloomed classic style garden arches, lush aisles, and lots and lots of soft, muted, feminine color palettes when it came to floral. *Swoon!* But a new year calls for some fresh new trends and we are already starting to see patterns as we collaborate with our 2023 couples and begin to build their floral proposals for their upcoming weddings. Let’s look at some of the floral design trends we are predicting are really going make a loud boom this year! 2023 Brides…pull up a seat! Perhaps you will be jumping on board with some of these fresh new floral trends this year…??

1. Petite Posies

Smaller, More Delicate Bouquets Are On the Rise.

Some might give credit to the royal weddings of Megan, Kate, and Diana, but for whatever reason, we know that a petite bridal bouquet remains timeless. However, some of us nature-loving types still enjoy seeing some shape and movement in a bridal bouquet. Enter the petite garden style bouquet! It’s the perfect marriage between that chic, vintage single-hand posie and the big and juicy natural bouquets that have been trending for the last several years which we’ve all come to know and love. Save your biceps without sacrificing all that yummy texture. The trick to this style is using minimal greens to keep the bouquet lightweight by ditching the heavy greenery and opting for airy, delicate vines such as Honeysuckle, Fern, or Jasmine. When it comes to flowers, this style emphasizes a few unique detail flowers (think quality over quantity) arranged in a delicate manner with lots of dimension to create shape and interest.

Words to tell your florist: “We would like a petite to medium size bouquet that is lightweight with texture, dynamic shape and airy movement.” Typically sticking to smaller focal blooms are best (avoid larger headed roses, peonies, etc) but it may be best to leave that up to your florist’s discretion!

2. Bye Bye to Beige

Expect More Bright, Bold Color Palettes This Season!

While we do get the occasional bride who is bold enough to incorporate color into her big day, the majority of our couples have typically gone for a muted palette of soft blush hues or your traditional white and green. That is about to change. Last year I started to see a few couples wander over the line of your typical neutrals and dabbling in some color. “A pop of color” is a term we hear often, but that still implies a safe palette that’s grounded in neutral tones. A truly rich color palette is one that really packs a punch – with one to two dominating colors supported by transitional accent colors. I think I speak for florists and flower growers everywhere when I say that we are 100% on board with this trend! Will you be incorporating bold color choices into your wedding this year? For those of you are still on the fence, consider this. The Pantone color of the year for 2023 is Magenta. Need we say more?

Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong. A soft and neutral palette will never go out of style – so if you’re going for timeless, don’t second guess yourself! You can’t go wrong with the classics. But I am excited to see more and more couples moving in the direction of color!

Words to tell your florist: “We would like more than just a pop of color, but a rich color palette that really makes a statement.” Give your florist a couple of main colors that you would like to see incorporated, and ask them to fill in the gaps with transitional tones they recommend to create a sophisticated and fluid color story.

3. Patterns, Please

More is More. Maximalist Design is In!

While I love a soft, soothing, neutral design aesthetic for the home, when it comes to special event design, I believe this is an opportunity to have some fun! For the artist in me who loves to see boundaries pushed in event design, the increased shift towards maximalist design has me giddy. What is maximalist design? Think more is more. Think pattern-on-pattern. Think color, texture, indulgence, and opulence. This can be an investment, so if you love this look but are planning on a budget, choose specific moments of impact to focus on (ceremony design, reception tablescapes, or dance floor) and allow those few areas to carry the theme.

If you’re considering going for a more maximalist look, think about hiring a planner or designer to help you make some sophisticated choices that are trend-forward. Textiles play a huge role in this look! Consider ditching the bare farm tables and go for some statement linens. Linen companies often expand their designs based on trends they’re seeing, so ask your linen rentals rep to show you some swatches from their newest collection. Support those statement linens with some fun throw pillows on your lounge furniture. And of course, add some fun, bold and textural florals to complete the look!

Words to tell your florist: “We are going for a maximalist look and would love any recommendations for how to incorporate florals seamlessly with our other bold design choices (like rentals, linens, etc) in a way that does not compete but flows in harmony.

Florist Credit: Hart Floral
Photo Credit: Samm Blake

4. For the Love Birds…

Floral Nests are the New Arch

Ground arches have been growing increasingly popular for a few years now, but let’s just say they continue to get better and better! This is a nice alternative for couples who want to make a statement for their ceremony but are looking for something a little more unique or unexpected than the traditional floral arch. There is probably no more romantic or intimate way to exchange your vows than encircled in a fully encompassing, lush and overgrown ceremony “nest” of tall, textural florals at your feet. For nature lovers, you really can’t get more natural than this – there is literally no structure or visible vessels or mechanics – just flowers. Talk about a fairytale!

Continuing this overgrown landscape down your aisle makes for an even more magical and jaw-dropping display if budget allows. But even a small and intimate display focused at the altar can be a beautiful statement. What we love most about this look is that the ground pieces can be easily repurposed to areas of your reception, like in front of bars, a band stage, or in front of your sweetheart table.

Words to tell your florist: We love the look of a low floral nest for our ceremony design. We would be open to floral and foliage choices to go for highest overall impact, and would like to carry this look through the aisle somehow if budget allows.

Photo Credit: Ashley Ludaescher

5. Raising the Bar

Statement Bar Moments are a Must at Your 2023 Wedding

One of the overall trends we’ve seen on the rise lately is an emphasis on the guest experience. From a visual design standpoint, focusing on the guest experience means shifting our attention to the areas where the guests will be interacting the most or spending the most time. Where will your guests likely be hanging out most during your wedding? The bar, of course!

We love a statement bar moment to enhance your guests experience for multiple reasons. For one, this is often the first place guests are welcomed after the ceremony has ended and as they are ushered into cocktail hour. It’s really where the party gets started! So why not start the party with a bang? Reason number two: Often our brides spend a good deal of money on a rented bar, but as a financial investment it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. We often get requests for a small, accent arrangement, but when thinking about scale from a design standpoint, such a large piece of furniture needs a proportionally large decor element to feel complete and balanced!

If you’re a bride, I know what you might be thinking: a large scale floral arrangement will eat up budget that you would rather spend on your ceremony or reception. But not to worry – you don’t have to spend a thousand dollars on a huge bar arrangement. Sometimes even an expressive display of foliage or seasonal branches can be a lovely statement without having to spend $500-$700+. Also, there aren’t a lot of places in your cocktail hour that need budget attention when it comes to florals, so this is really the one and only place that it makes sense to splurge. If you have multiple bars and are going to choose one to emphasize design-wise, we recommend the cocktail hour bar because it’s seen during daylight, so it will be more appreciated, plus you can get all of those dreamy photos!

Words to tell your florist: “We would like a statement bar piece for the cocktail hour. To switch things up and to make it more cost effective, rather than making this arrangement bloom-heavy, perhaps we can focus on one or two impressive ingredients like seasonal foliages or branches displayed in a stylish vessel.

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