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Start Building Your E-mail List


March 27, 2022

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Hey there creative business owner! If you clicked on this post because you want to start building your e-mail list so you can market your offerings to your ideal customers…make sure you scroll through to the end because I have a gift for you that I know you are going to LOVE!

So, first things first, let’s talk about why you REALLY need an e-mail list! For whatever reason led you to this post – maybe you’ve heard people say you need an e-mail list or maybe you just think it would be a good idea… it’s important that you know ALL of the benefits of this small busienss marketing strategy so that you can really optimize your e-mail marketing process and make sure you are doing it right from the start!

At the end of this post I’m going to show you the exact steps you need to start building your e-mail list, but first I’m going to share with you why it’s so important and how this marketing platform has totally changed my business!

Reason #1- You need a place to communicate with your followers that is 100% YOURS.

Whichever platform you are using to speak to your audience right now – maybe it’s Instagram or Facebook, or just good old word of mouth – it doesn’t give you guaranteed, forever access to your audience. Let’s say you have a few thousand followers on instagram. If something ever happens to the app – let’s say the creators decide to totally change the app or close it down all together, or god forbid your account gets hacked and you lose access to all of your followers – you would completely lose all of the hard work and energy you’ve spent building your audience! As your account grows, you should do everything in your power to try to guide those followers to follow you off the social platforms and onto your e-mail list so that you will have another way to get in touch with them, in case anything ever happens to your instagram account.

Reason #2 – It’s a more direct & effective way to reach your audience.

Did you know that anytime you post on instagram, only 3% of your followers see your posts (on average)? That’s a really low percentage. I mean that is just downright depressing! Especially when you think about all of the effort we put into our instagram posts – capturing and editing the perfect image and writing the perfect caption. If you can get your followers to subscribe to your e-mail list, you will be able to reach them directly in their inbox. This way you have a much better chance of getting your message viewed by your audience. There is still a bit of a science and learning curve to getting your e-mails clicked and opened, but that is a strategy and skill that you can perfect over time, and you can eventually get to a place where up to 50% of your audience is opening and viewing your e-mails. 50% is a lot better than 3%… wouldn’t you say?

Not only is this method of communication more direct and effective, it’s also more intimate. As I mentioned, your audience will see your content more consistently because they won’t have the algorithm interfering with which content they are shown. This means that you have the opportunity to deliver consistent value to your audience in a way that they will come to enjoy and look forward to your e-mails. Building your audience’s trust in this way can allow you to create stronger relationships with your audience than you could on social media.

Reason #3 – It’s a more streamlined way to deliver value to your audience

By reaching your audience via e-mail, it is a more streamlined way to deliver value to your audience – like links to products, resources, and blog posts. When you are trying to market through a post on instagram, often times there are additional steps involved for your followers to get from your post to your website. For example, you may include a call to action in your caption directing people to go to the link in your bio and view a blog post. They have to then navigate to your bio, click the bio link, find the appropriate connecting link and then it takes them to the blog post. E-mail marketing platforms allow you to customize your emails making it super easy to deliver value to your audience directly through the e-mail! You can include clickable links, buttons, and even digital downloads right in the e-mail. Eliminating as many extra steps as possible for your audience will make them more likely to take the steps you want them to take.

Build Your E-mail List in 5 Easy Steps

So, now that I’ve shared my top 3 reasons why you NEED an e-mail list – it’s time to start building one right away! When I first became interested in building my e-mail list, as soon as I found that there were multiple steps involved, I quickly became overwhelmed which kept me stuck for quite some time. So in order to keep you from experiencing that same problem, I am making this SUPER easy and simple for you! I’m going to break down the exact steps you can take to start building your e-mail list right away, so that you will be one step closer to having an engaged list of audience emails in your very own possession in no time!

Click this link and grab my free guide!

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floral business tools bundle

All of the floral business tools you need to streamline your wedding workflow!


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