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Wedding Update: We are Sticking to our Date!


May 20, 2020

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Hey friends! With all the craziness of COVID-19 and events being postponed left and right, I thought I owed you all an update regarding Joey’s and my wedding scheduled for September 12th, 2020.

At this time, we are sticking to our date!

My perspective, both personally and as an industry professional, is that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to postponing your Summer or Fall wedding. Every couple is going to have their own set of feelings, priorities and unique circumstances, and all of these can (and should) affect your decision. For us, we feel that sticking to our date, for as long as possible, makes the most sense for us.

The first factor in our decision was what the CDC and state would allow. As of now, it is looking like couples will be allowed to host gatherings (of a certain size) as early as next month. We have heard news of select venues in CA beginning to host weddings again (with modifications) as early as June. Our venue, The Harper has also been encouraging and has encouraged us that they believe they will be able to host our wedding on our scheduled date.


Above, my sisters and I at my at-home bridal shower.

Above, my sisters and I at my at-home bridal shower.


The second factor we considered was the response and from our friends and family.

The majority of our friends and family are local to So Cal, and the few that will need to fly (most of which made arrangements months ago) have assured us that they are coming regardless. Many of our friends have assured us that they will be flexible with whatever happens, but if we decide to host the wedding, they will be there.

We feel that individuals should be free to make decisions for their own safety and feeling of security. Our overall positive response from our loved ones has told us that people generally feel safe to attend.

That being said, we are still prepared and willing to take all necessary precautions to protect our guests. We expect that there may be some modifications, and we are willing to cooperate. Many of our guests have assured us that this would not sway their decision.

What will these modifications look like? For the venues who are pioneering the reopening, I have heard that proposed modifications may include the following (and I expect ours will be similar, barring how things progress over the next few months).

-Temperature checks encouraged at the door or prior to attendance

-Masks and proper social distancing encouraged

-Ceremony chairs set in groups with distance in between

-Indoor capacity will be regular capacity divided by two

-Reception chairs intentionally grouped by families with distance in between

-Reduced service staff (which may require modified service)

-Tray-pass service encouraged vs. stationery/self serve

That said, we are all learning as we go. And as we all know, things are constantly in flux as the world and the events industry navigate through this pandemic. We are proceeding forward having assessed the risk and that our day may look different than what we envisioned. We are optimistic that by September our nation’s health and safety will be on the upswing and some of these modifications will not be necessary. However we agree that ultimately, our priority is to get married this year, and the number in attendance and the manner in which we celebrate is of lesser importance to us. We know that the day will be filled with joy, no matter how peculiar or different it might be from what we expected.

In more cheerful news…

My mom and sisters came together to throw me a shower at home in my hometown this past Saturday! We did watercolor painting, sipped mojitos with with fresh mint from my mom’s garden, and my dad hooked up a karaoke setup in our living room! My family sure knows what I like! I felt extremely loved that they would come together to celebrate, and I personally felt grateful for a little escape from this confusing time of isolation. My mom also scheduled us a visit to a family friend’s peony farm outside of Portland and we got a mini private tour. You can see how fluffy they opened, here in my mom’s garden window.

Me, my mom and my sisters. We had sunshine most of the weekend, except when we decided to take this photo! :)

Me, my mom and my sisters. We had sunshine most of the weekend, except when we decided to take this photo! 🙂


Other exciting updates…

My dress arrived this week from Love and Lace Bridal!

My shoes also arrived from Bella Belle Shoes! I may or may not be breaking them in as we speak. 😉

I purchased a beautiful (and sparkly!) hair barrette from Brides & Hairpins!

We are sending out our invitations next month, and I can’t wait to share the design from Sydney Beth Designs!

I am so grateful to those of you who have checked in with me along the way and who are following along in our planning journey! We so appreciate the love and support!




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hey there! i'm sarah w.



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